Wu Tang Collection * Movie

Wu Tang Collection ProtectorWu Tang Collection Protector
director wong chun Yeung cast Ng Lai Yuk, Ng ting Yip, Si Yi Lin, Chan Ho Mei After winning a martial arts tournament officer Lin Yu chun is promoted to
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Wu Tang Collection Brother of Darkness 1994Wu Tang Collection Brother of Darkness 1994
Rare Hong Kong action epic Another brilliant cast movie, from director Billy Tang. This movie is based on a true story of a murder between two brothers.
Wu Tang Collection TemptationWu Tang Collection Temptation
director Lee Chi Sin cast Chang Chi Yu, wong Yung, Ko Liang, Ker Heung Tien two swordsmen undertake the task of escorting a noble woman up country
Wu Tang Collection Blood WarWu Tang Collection Blood War
director Francis Posadas cast Anthony Alonzo, Martinez Castillo, Muslim rebels vs. Christian military a Filipino action film with a strong religious storyline and
Wu Tang Collection The 8 MastersWu Tang Collection The 8 Masters
director joseph Kuo. cast Carter Wong, chia Ling, chia Kai. Chu is rescued from his home as a child and taken to the shaolin Temple. At the temple, he learns
Wu Tang Collection 36 Deadly StylesWu Tang Collection 36 Deadly Styles
director joseph Kuo cast Cheung Lik, Jeannie Chang, Hwang Jang Lee, Bolo Yeung, Jack Long Excellent martial arts film directed by ace director joseph Kuo
Wu Tang Collection 10 Brothers of ShaolinWu Tang Collection 10 Brothers of Shaolin
director ting Chung cast wong Tao, Judy Lee chia Ling , Leung Kar Yan, phillip ko, 10 brothers of Shaolin, tells the tale of ten specially fighters, five monks
Wu Tang Collection Deadly StrikeWu Tang Collection Deadly Strike
director wong Lung. cast Bruce Li, Chen Sing, Lung Fei, Tsai Hung. The new police chief has been striving to bring a dangerous gang to justice. He seeks the
Wu Tang Collection Tiger Over WallWu Tang Collection Tiger Over Wall
director Lo Jun Ku cast Hwang Jang Lee, phillip ko, Chang Lik, Candy Wen This film is based on actual events that took place in Shanghai 1919.Kung fu
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