Phr Pintada

PHR Pintada Episode 2PHR Pintada Episode 2
sev is taken aback when he learns that the woman he has been stalking is the new Chemistry teacher. Thirsty for his father s love, sev finally gets the chance to
PHR Pintada Episode 72PHR Pintada Episode 72
noel vows to make karen s life a living hell upon learning of her participation in Albert s death. Karen, on the other hand, frantically tries to shake off julian s
PHR Pintada Episode 1PHR Pintada Episode 1
Sev, the school s resident troublemaker, gets dumped by his girlfriend after another of his pranks in school. Instead of sulking, sev resolves to spend his
PHR Pintada Episode 76PHR Pintada Episode 76
After many years of neglecting her firstborn, karen suffers from her own son s cruelty as noel stuggles to find justice for his horrible past. julian gets into a fatal
PHR Pintada Episode 11PHR Pintada Episode 11
despite lysa s efforts to make things right for her family, lysa is faced with another problem as she holds herself accountable for Lorena s debts. Aggravated by
PHR Pintada Episode 10PHR Pintada Episode 10
despite the rumors, sev is determined to get as close to lysa as possible. The next day, lysa chooses to celebrate her birthday with a simple birthday cake.
PHR Pintada Episode 6PHR Pintada Episode 6
lysa and her students reach camp where sev enthusiastically makes himself useful. However, lysa remains wary of sev s mischievous tendencies. Finally, she
PHR Pintada Episode 8PHR Pintada Episode 8
Jing expresses her concern over sev and lysa s unusual closeness, unaware that her suspicions are correct. sev continues to ignore Samantha, but is
PHR Pintada Episode 47PHR Pintada Episode 47
sev continues his probe on lysa s life in prison through Girlie and Princess, and his investigation leads him to a startling revelation. With this new piece of
PHR Pintada Episode 3PHR Pintada Episode 3
After being suspended from school, sev swears to take his revenge on Lysa. Meanwhile, lysa is appointed as the new peer counseling group leader much to
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