Naru~chan Chat

Naru chan no chat 1Naru chan no chat 1
omg i found the first one and it s still in tact yay gomen for all the people that missed out on this well, here it is in all of it s glory oh, and feel free to
SasuNaru Chatroom 2 EP. 4 Operation Get Naru ChanSasuNaru Chatroom 2 EP. 4 Operation Get Naru Chan
Hey guys It s finally happening, Season 2 it may have taken a while but I finally made it. I Hope you guys like it. Btw, tell me how you guys felt about my AMV
Naru Chan Chat 1 Comin Outta thereNaru Chan Chat 1 Comin Outta there
Yayyy, so here s my first chat Room, titled naru chan I spent a good amount of time browsing for all the pictures, but kinda came up with the plot as I went
Naru chan chat 1Naru chan chat 1
My 1st chat and new at this so sorry if suckish, it s about sasunaru. open to ideas and suggestion. Edit I finally have 1000 views Whooo
Naru chan chat 1Naru chan chat 1
Wheeee the first chat plz enjoy
Naru Chan Chatroom 1Naru Chan Chatroom 1
126 views awesome u guys r freaken awesome thx for watching.
naru chan chatroom 1.wmvNaru chan chatroom 1.wmv
This is my first chatroom. Comment and Rate.
Naru chan chat 1 .wmvNaru chan chat 1 .wmv
this is a yaoi dont like dont watch, thanks rate and comment.
naru chan chat 1.wmvNaru chan chat 1.wmv
my first chat XD contains yaoi dont like dont watch umm.. i own nothing but the plot no flames plz leave comments plz.
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