Nadaka solli tharum tamil christian song

nadaka solli thaarumNadaka solli thaarum 461477
Nadaka solli tharum yesuvaeNadaka solli tharum yesuvae
song played by shanthanu in yamaha I 425. 112632
Nadakka solli Thaarum YesuvaiNadakka solli Thaarum Yesuvai
Produced by Lanka Hope Media, Srilanka. 212870
Tamil Christian Songs UngalyaeeTamil Christian Songs Ungalyaee 684796
Nadakka Solli TharumNadakka Solli Tharum
song sung by B.Leona and B. Meona. music JothiBoss album Nambuven yesuvai vol 1. 031077
Sharonin Rojavae Dinesh Tamil Christian SongSharonin Rojavae Dinesh Tamil Christian Song
From the tamil christian music album Deva Prasannam . . Used with permission. 657284
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Our greatest desire is that you know god personally. The simple truth is that god created you and everything around you. Genesis1 1 . And He loves you and 319576
A t the name of jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that jesus Christ is Lord the only GOD. 716460

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