Kasam Se[zee Tv]

Kasamh Se Episode 564Kasamh Se Episode 564
meera BURNS bani jai comes in search of bani and bumps into Meera. meera says that even she is looking out for Bani. meera asks jai to give her one baby
Kasamh Se Episode 368Kasamh Se Episode 368
jai is sad that he will never be able to be with bani ever. everyone is shocked when bani turns up as the bride in place of Pia. bani tells everyone that she is not
Kasamh Se Episode 539Kasamh Se Episode 539
bani is cleaning up the outhouse. jai goes to meet her. Just before he could apologise to Bani, a pillar falls upon her and she is injured. jai calls the doctor.
June 19th Jai and Bani become OneJune 19th Jai and Bani become One
jai and bani consumate their marriage Need I say more
Kasamh Se Episode 61Kasamh Se Episode 61
bani is taken aback to see Dadi weeping as she is upset over the way jai treats his wife. She even goes to the extent of apologizing to bani on behalf of jai but
Kasamh Se Episode 251Kasamh Se Episode 251
bani and everyone get ready for jai and bani s Anniversary party. bani wonders how she could find out about Anupam Kapadia with the party going on
Kasamh Se Episode 635Kasamh Se Episode 635
Pronita tells the family to forget all about Krishna and enjoy the party. Ganga tries to spoil the party but the guy who met her stops her. He is the catering manager
Kasamh Se original title song good qualityKasamh Se original title song good quality
Kasamh Se Episode 1 16 01 2006Kasamh Se Episode 1 16 01 2006
bani Prachi Desai is the eldest of 3 sisters living in Mt.Abu and the daughter of Nishikant Dikshit Manoj Joshi . Her younger sisters are rano Arunima
Kasamh Se Episode 55 03 04 2006Kasamh Se Episode 55 03 04 2006
Although Jigyasa and Ranveer enjoy terrorizing rano by asking her to pack her bags, jai stops them and asks rano to make herself comfortable. Piya feels as
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