How To Build Makuta Insorz

ReBrick Contest Entry Makuta Victor MundiReBrick Contest Entry Makuta Victor Mundi
Eyy, uploads in a week. here is the link to the entry.
bionicle moc how to Makuta SartrixBionicle moc how to Makuta Sartrix
this is a how to on my bionicle m.o.c. for people who wants to use it. m gonna change the body design soon.
Bionicle MOC s How to build Makuta KaineBionicle MOC s How to build Makuta Kaine
He s part Rakhshi.
2013 MGSstudios How to build Makuta Zardas2013 MGSstudios How to build Makuta Zardas
how to build the Lego bionicle moc makuta Zardas. Anyone can build and use this MOC, but you must give me proper credit.
How to build Makuta ZoraxHow to build Makuta Zorax
My first how to video on my new makuta moc.
How To Build Makuta InsorzHow To Build Makuta Insorz
some of you may wanted me to do this, so here ya go. note This video was a video request for Diebeq5b for insorz coming in 2nd place in his last moc
How to build a Makuta BionicleHow to build a Makuta Bionicle
Dallin shows you how to build his version of Makuta, a great warrior bionicle featured on the cover of January 2010 magazine.
Makuta TazzukMakuta Tazzuk
My favorite moc and my most evilest moc makuta Tazzuk. note For some reason, WMM made tazzuk s name Tazzu. sorry for the inconvenience. note If
How To Build Makuta ShadoraxHow To Build Makuta Shadorax
sorry if the pictures are blurry, my camera is pretty bad.
Bionicle M O C Makuta TazzukBionicle M O C Makuta Tazzuk
tazzuk is one of teridax s enforcers, he spends his days traveling the makuta empire searching for teridax s foes. some have called him teridax s mad dog ,
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