How Its Made 317 Lighters

Just finished building my 40w laser shotgun The output of this laser is complete insanity, and is made up of 8 parallel 5W laser beams totaling to 40W.
How Its Made 271 SeatbeltsHow Its Made 271 Seatbelts
how its made season 6 episode 4 Seatbelts.
How Its Made 313 Engine BlocksHow Its Made 313 Engine Blocks
how its made season 7 episode 2 engine Blocks.
How to Build a 1000mW Burning Blue Laser Driver Complete TutorialHow to Build a 1000mW Burning Blue Laser Driver Complete Tutorial
Welcome to my tutorials. In this video, I ll be showing you how to build a 1000mW blue laser pointer Scroll down for video details. Music Credits These tracks
How Its Made 377 PistonsHow Its Made 377 Pistons
how its made season 8 episode 6 Pistons.
Make a SPIDER MAN Web Shooter Super Simple 2 buildMake a SPIDER MAN Web Shooter Super Simple 2 build
Get 100 Lighters 15 Learn how to make a Spider man web shooter using nothing but a few lighters, some soap and some water.
3 Simple Lighter Tricks How To3 Simple Lighter Tricks How To
lighter hacks This video shows three simple lighter hacks that you can do with just about any lighter except Bics. Be responsible and careful with your new
How Its Made 335 Lawn MowersHow Its Made 335 Lawn Mowers
how its made season 7 episode 7 lawn Mowers.
How Its Made 317 LightersHow Its Made 317 Lighters
how its made season 7 episode 3 Lighters.
DIY Mini Power SupplyDIY Mini Power Supply
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