Fir 1104

FIR Episode 1090 9th January 2014FIR Episode 1090 9th January 2014
jignes tries to commit suicide chautala as a newly married Bride of jignes patel arrives in patel Family to solve the case of Gappu and Chappu. chautala
FIR Episode 1103 28th January 2014FIR Episode 1103 28th January 2014
chautala and her team are on the look out for a gang if three men who have been evading the police for a very long time. chautala is concerned as so far , they
FIR Episode 1084 1st January 2014FIR Episode 1084 1st January 2014
chautala gets to know about bhola Darling gopi and billu inform chautala about Chaman s Wife enjoying Movie with an unknown Person in the theatre.
FIR Episode 889 30th March 2013FIR Episode 889 30th March 2013
sukhi lands in deep trouble sukhi reveals to Jwalamukhi that he got admission in Chittputia International School as he is not qualified for a promotion in his
FIR Epsiode 1108 5th February 2014FIR Epsiode 1108 5th February 2014
bhola Pandit s master plan to impress Mosa chautala apologizes to Senior Inspector bhola Pandit and bhola assures chautala that he will solve her problem
FIR Episode 1236 13th September 2014FIR Episode 1236 13th September 2014
Ep 1236 F.I.R Pushpa files a police complaint against her Husband anand Amarpremi s Younger Brother Bunty. Bunty made anand Aamarpremi sign on all
FIR Episode 1038 26th October 2013FIR Episode 1038 26th October 2013
FIR Episode 1230 17th August 2014FIR Episode 1230 17th August 2014
Ep 1230 F.I.R An emotional moment takes place between gopi and billu in imaan chowki as gopi and billu celebrate the auspicious occasion of Raksha
FIR Episode 1222 20th July 2014FIR Episode 1222 20th July 2014
Ep 1222 F.I.R. Mulayam Singh Gulgule who has created a record of getting slapped by chautala returns to imaan Chowki. Members present in imaan chowki
FIR Episode 1094 15th January 2014FIR Episode 1094 15th January 2014
Chedu boss A Female Employee badi files a police complaint against her boss who is teasing her. chautala gets angry with badi s Father who was stopping
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