Feliks Zemdegs Avg Of 12

9.74 Rubik s cube one handed average of 5 10.78 avg129.74 Rubik s cube one handed average of 5 10.78 avg12
First 5 solves are the 9.74 average of 5. 3 PLL EPLL skips in it, but getting lucky is not a crime. very much looking forward to competing at the Chinese
5x5 world record average 49.325x5 world record average 49.32
round 1, European Championships 2016, Prague. Dat 12 second L4E 3x3 on solve 4 though. cube facebook
6.12 Rubik s cube average of 126.12 Rubik s cube average of 12
I ll try and get a sub 6 on video at some point, getting closer average of 12 6.12 1. 5.26 B2 R2 D L2 F2 D B2 D R2 D F2 R U B F D2 L2 D R F2 U 2. 6.19 U B
Rubik s cube 6.89 average of 12Rubik s cube 6.89 average of 12
Realised I hadn t uploaded a sub 7 average, took care of it today p Feliks Zemdegs cube moyu weilong average of 12 6.89 1. 6.25 L2 D2 L2 B2 U2 B L2 D2 B
Gans 356 6.45 average of 12 written reviewGans 356 6.45 average of 12 written review
The review is my May blog for The cube
Rubik s cube average of 100 6.44 secondsRubik s cube average of 100 6.44 seconds
For those of you interested in watching 100 solves p Just in between the WR avg5 and my pb avg100 6.43 Somehow managed to maintain near perfect
2x2 2.16 average of 122x2 2.16 average of 12
average of 12 2.16 1. 2.03 R F U2 R F R2 F R2 U2 R2 U 2. 1.34 R U R2 U2 R2 U R F U2 R U 3. 2.57 U2 F R F2 U F R U F2 R U 4. 1.51 F2 R2 U2 R U2
Australian Nationals round 2 6.70 averageAustralian Nationals round 2 6.70 average
round 2, australian nationals 2016 cube facebook Twitter Instagram
7.86 avg 127.86 avg 12
very lucky though p average of 12 7.86 1. 7.33 skip L F B2 U B F L R B2 U D R F U D L R2 B F2 U L D B D R2 2. 8.06 D U B D L B D2 R2 U F R U2
9.80 Slow turning average of 59.80 Slow turning average of 5
You don t need to turn fast to be sub 10. But if you re going to turn slowly, you do need to be efficient and know a few tricks here and there
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