Esay Chinese Fan Dance

simple basic fan danceSimple basic fan dance
i teach basic fan dance the childern at ethnic school their dance is very well look at their following me their is so cute kkk.
Tet Children Dance Fan Dance and Ribbon Children Dance Lunar new YearTet Children Dance Fan Dance and Ribbon Children Dance Lunar new Year
Choreographer Amanda Ngoc Song Diep Khuc Mua Xuan.
Chinese Fan DanceChinese Fan Dance
NYCCC students Alice Chacon, Tiffany chan, Brittany chan, Katrina Bernhardt, Susanna Dolan, Jessica Robling, and Sarah Lam performed the Double fan
Linda Sabrina Kelvin Chinese Fan DanceLinda Sabrina Kelvin Chinese Fan Dance
sabrina and kelvin perform this dance at chinese school. I thought I would give it a try. Not as easy as it looks. DOH
Asian Fan DanceAsian Fan Dance
asian fan dance Music Minh Tuyet Con Lai Nho Thuong.
Chinese Fan Dance Practice VideoChinese Fan Dance Practice Video
cgcteens chinese new year 2011.
NTACC Chinese New Year Fan Dance 2013 Tutorial FULLNTACC Chinese New Year Fan Dance 2013 Tutorial FULL
Here is the final full version Its a loong video. Thanks and you guys are awesome
Chinese fan danceChinese fan dance
Tirimoana primary.
chinese fan dance fusion 2007Chinese fan dance fusion 2007
fusion dance.
Asian Cultural EXPO 2013 Chinese Cultural Fan DanceAsian Cultural EXPO 2013 Chinese Cultural Fan Dance
CSSA UCF dance Troupe performed chinese cultural fan dance at the 4th asian cultural expo 2013 event hosted at the Walgreens Orlando International
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