Error Correction Computerphile

Correcting Those Errors ComputerphileCorrecting Those Errors Computerphile
The powers of two and the algorithm that helps them correct errors. professor brailsford explains how to fix those one bit blips. EXTRA bits
What is Bootstrapping ComputerphileWhat is Bootstrapping Computerphile
A little bit of magic bootstrapping, allows the separation of code and machine, allowing one single piece of code to run on many different machines. professor
How YouTube Works ComputerphileHow YouTube Works Computerphile
how does youtube work and why do videos buffer See more in the full description. Our thanks to the staff at youtube for giving us their time. Characters
Lambda Calculus ComputerphileLambda Calculus Computerphile
The basis of almost all functional programming, professor Graham Hutton explains lambda Calculus.
64 Shades of Martian Grey Computerphile64 Shades of Martian Grey Computerphile
NASA had to implement error correction for the spacecraft that travelled to Mars professor brailsford explains how the Mariner series managed to send back
The Singularity Friendly AI ComputerphileThe Singularity Friendly AI Computerphile
Audible free book what is the singularity and will it ever happen Dr Sean Holden of the University of Cambridge
Error Correction ComputerphileError Correction Computerphile
what good is knowing you have a problem if you can t fix it professor brailsford explains Hamming codes and how errors can not just be detected, but also
Error Detection and Flipping the Bits ComputerphileError Detection and Flipping the Bits Computerphile
Devising codes for different weather states is all well and good, but what if the weather strikes back Electrical storms can distort codes and noisy lines can
Multiple Dimension Error Correction ComputerphileMultiple Dimension Error Correction Computerphile
As communications become more complicated, the amount of bits required to succesfully correct an error increases, but by how much professor brailsford talks
How Huffman Trees Work ComputerphileHow Huffman Trees Work Computerphile
how do we derive the most compact codes for a situation huffman trees can help. professor brailsford explains how computer scientists like their trees to be
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