Date Dokuganryu Masamune

Young masamune upon learning of the death of Nobunaga decides that he is the man to fill those sainted clogs. The fastest way to do this is to subjugate the
DSS Date Masamune AMVDSS Date Masamune AMV
anime sengoku basara Program Sony vegas 9.0 song in the shadows Artist the rasmus.
Date Masamune s BattleDate Masamune s Battle
The battle of Dokugan Ryu.
Masamune Date comic 1 of 3 ShortMasamune Date comic 1 of 3 Short
Date Masamune VS Toyotomi Hideyoshi AMV Death BreathDate Masamune VS Toyotomi Hideyoshi AMV Death Breath
COMMENT please date masamune fighting toyotomi Hideyoshi. anime sengoku basara Music death breath Toxic avenger I m not claiming any copyright
Date Masamune VS Maeda KeijiDate Masamune VS Maeda Keiji
just a scene cut from sengoku basara Anime.
Looking at the actual tomb of Date MasamuneLooking at the actual tomb of Date Masamune
September 5, 1567 June 27, 1636 He is the founder of Sendai. He was an excellent tactician. Only had one eye therefore he was called the one eyed dragon
Masamune DateMasamune Date
the worst amv i ever made.
Sengoku Basara X Masamune Date DemonstrationSengoku Basara X Masamune Date Demonstration
just a simple demonstration of how masamune plays. I just show his basic moves and supers for people wondering how plays in this 2D fighter.
Sengoku basara Date Masamune amvSengoku basara Date Masamune amv
Like, fav and sub D Ishida Mitsunari amv song Monster Group Skillet Tuenti Raúl Supay Pérez García
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