Choti Bahu Episode 154

Choti Bahu Episode 152Choti Bahu Episode 152
The village panchayat decides to keep the temple closed and not allow shastriji to participate in any religious rites until it gives a verdict about Radhika. radhika
Choti Bahu Episode 139Choti Bahu Episode 139
Keshav overhears the conversation between dev and radhika and realizes that they are in love with each other. when dev questions vishakha about fulfilling
Choti Bahu Episode 150Choti Bahu Episode 150
While radhika secretly performs the ritual for Devs well being, Guruji and all the villagers notice her. The villagers suggest that radhika should be punished for
Choti Bahu Episode 154Choti Bahu Episode 154
shastriji gets annoyed with Vishakha. shastriji tells dev to punish vishakha for her deed. radhika tries to convince vishakha to apologize to Dev, but she tells
Choti Bahu Season II Episode 153Choti Bahu Season II Episode 153
Finally, dev concludes the first religious ceremony as a royal priest with Barkha sitting next to him as his wife. Maheshwari and Viraat get irked when everyone
Choti Bahu Episode 159Choti Bahu Episode 159
Birju tells vivek about Devs decision to leave vishakha and radhika leaving the house. Devki makes radhika do all the household work. vivek visits dev and
Choti Bahu Episode 138Choti Bahu Episode 138
vishakha lies to everyone that radhika had gone to see a sage who turned out to be an imposter. Mrinalini encourages vishakha to concentrate on her goal.
Choti Bahu Episode 148Choti Bahu Episode 148
when dadi pressurizes radhika to consent for the marriage, radhika tells her to convince shastriji or else she will tell him the truth. Devki requests radhika not
Choti Bahu Episode 161Choti Bahu Episode 161
dadi tells everyone that vishakha has left the house and gone to Mumbai. vivek tells Vaishali that dev has gone to bring vishakha back. dev hides the truth from
Choti Bahu Episode 153Choti Bahu Episode 153
dev defends radhika in front of the village panchayat. The village panchayat give a verdict that shastriji and radhika are completely innocent. dev asks
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