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Hey guys, my first upload to this channel D just an edit I did today for an editing contest. I m happy with the outcome and wanted to share here. spray.
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BBED Motorway merge of the yearBBED Motorway merge of the year
car doesn t quite understand the merging rules on the motorway, merges infront of a lorry at 40mph This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
Omnibusbetrieb Linke Lemgo 6B621CC3 F9F7 4796 BBED 07B2520DF8AFOmnibusbetrieb Linke Lemgo 6B621CC3 F9F7 4796 BBED 07B2520DF8AF
Omnibusbetrieb, ÖPNV, Stadtbusse lemgo und Detmold, goon, Schulverkehr, Reisebusse.
BBED Idiot rolls out of side street into main roadBBED Idiot rolls out of side street into main road
Bellend decided when turning right, you should only look left. Fails to see the approaching car until he has already rolled out into the main road. causing me to
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Mero pani bike va vayeMero pani bike va vaye
via YouTube Capture.
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