Bao Ching Opening Theme Song

Justice Pao ATV 1995 theme songJustice Pao ATV 1995 theme song
Nhạc tình huống Tân bao Thanh Thiên atv Hiệp cốt thần toán thiệu Khang Tiết còn gọi Thiếu Tử , tên thật là thiệu Ung, tự Nghiên Phu, hiệu
Zhuang Xue Zhong Bao Qing TianZhuang Xue Zhong Bao Qing Tian
Bao Qing Tian Opening SongBao Qing Tian Opening Song
Probably incomplete note. This is the first time I tried the song only based on memory. Well actually, all the other Chinese song I played using Bellyra was also
Justice Bao 1995 OST EncounterJustice Bao 1995 OST Encounter
encounter , a song from the 1995 series justice bao 新包青天 , composed by Richard Yuen.
Pao Chin Thean OrgPao Chin Thean Org
Eng sub Judge Bao executes Little Prince Chai YuEng sub Judge Bao executes Little Prince Chai Yu
based on actual history, Zhao Kuangyin, a military officer under zhou Dynasty, staged a coup against chai Zongxun or Emperor Gong of zhou Dynasty and
Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng Ost.Judge BaoXin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng Ost.Judge Bao
lagu ini merupakan translate Indonesian Version dari Soundtrack lagu film judge bao yang Legendaris.
Justice Pao openingJustice Pao opening
Bao Ching Special Ending ThemeBao Ching Special Ending Theme
英文版的包青天 你有聽過嗎 Bao Qing Tian funny song英文版的包青天 你有聽過嗎 Bao Qing Tian funny song
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