Afsar Bitiya Episode 26

Afsar Bitiya Episode 27Afsar Bitiya Episode 27
saraswati and chanchal return home. vidyapati is furious on learning that saraswati had been to tuntun s house to convince him. meanwhile, tuntun fumes
Afsar Bitiya Episode 137 26 06 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 137 26 06 2012
krishna gets shocked when she sees a letter stuck in her office. The letter reads that the staff would get killed, if they continued to work in the office.
Afsar Bitiya Episode 23Afsar Bitiya Episode 23
krishna s family is happy as Satyanarayan has accepted Swati s proposal for Mahesh. vidyapati informs saraswati that he and Ravi would visit Satyanarayan
Afsar Bitiya Episode 24Afsar Bitiya Episode 24
krishna offers cold drink to Pintu during Swati s wedding ceremony. Pinky feels jealous and offers him another drink. meanwhile, the pundit chants the mantras
Afsar Bitiya Episode 70 23 03 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 70 23 03 2012
saraswati is puzzled when she notices chanchal waiting outside the house. On enquiring, saraswati learns that chanchal was waiting for krishna to return
Afsar Bitiya Episode 71 26 03 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 71 26 03 2012
chanchal is elated that because of krishna her family could travel in a car. However her happiness is short lived when some protesters come outside the house
Afsar Bitiya Episode 30Afsar Bitiya Episode 30
Ravi brings home Goddess saraswati s idol as they have planned to organize saraswati puja in their house. The family welcomes the Goddess. Next day, bihari
Afsar Bitiya Episode 94 26 04 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 94 26 04 2012
In order to avoid Pintu and krishna s conversation, tuntun begins to curse krishna for plotting against his family. He rushes outside the police station and
Afsar Bitiya Episode 114 24 05 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 114 24 05 2012
bihari refuses to follow tuntun s instructions and states that he would not dance on his tunes anymore. Pinky intervenes and agrees to create hurdles for
Afsar Bitiya Episode 159 26th July 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 159 26th July 2012
Sargam gets killed by Sikka Thakurain s aide. Watch latest afsar bitiya Episodes.
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